One of the benefits of renting the North Garden Theater is its versatility when it comes to laying out the floor plan. Tables, chairs, and even the stage is adjustable and can be set up to suit your event's particular needs. The North Garden Theater maintains an inventory of different table sizes (20 six foot tables, 4 eight foot tables, 3 five foot round tables, and 8 small high top tables), 175 chairs, and eight 6' x 8' stage units. Additional tables and chairs are available for a charge. *A five foot aisle to the emergency exit must be designed into the plan. Below you'll find some inspiration for how the floor plan could be set up.

  • 104 Seat Layout

  • 13 six foot tables for guests

  • 6 high-top tables

  • 4 stage units

  • A photo booth area

  • A 28' x 18' dance floor area

  • DJ setup on the stage

  • Central aisle

  • 152 Seat Layout

  • Mix of 20 six foot and eight foot tables for guests.

  • Head table setup on stage w/special table for wedding couple.

  • 3 banquet tables for food

  • 5 stage units

  • DJ set up near stage

  • Double sided buffet tables and high tops fill in the wedding party entrance aisle post wedding.

  • 140 Seat Audience + Stage Layout

  • 8 small high top tables to promote mingling

  • 6 stage units in a "top hat" layout

  • Stage is 18" off the ground. Step units up to the stage are available.

Table, chairs, and stage inventory is subject to change and availability. Tables and chairs should not be put in front of the bar, on the entrance ramp or in the bathroom hallway.