How much space is there?

The usable space of the main hall depends on how much stage is set up. With only the first row of the stage set up (which is always there) there is about 2160 square feet of usable floor space (60 feet door to stage and 36 feet side to side). The stage would add another 192 square feet (8 feet deep and 24 feet side to side). Adding stage units will decrease the usable amount of floor space. We use an online space planning site to help our clients visualize the setup of the space. It is very handy. We never put anything in the space in front of the bar or in the bathroom hallway. Another important thing to note is that there must be a 5 foot path for emergency exits somewhere from the entrance side of the space to the emergency exit.

How tall are the ceilings?

It is 17 feet from the floor to the metal trusses and grid system that holds our theatrical lights. The actual wooden roof is angled up to the middle so depending on where you're measuring, it's another 3 to 5 feet to the actual ceiling.

Is there adequate power?

Yes. There are outlets all over the place to plug in lamps, phone chargers, or whatever may need power. The North Garden Theater has a supply of power strips and extension cords that renters may borrow if the need calls for it. We also have a 220 volt outlet installed backstage for heavier power needs.

What is the lighting like?

The lighting at the North Garden Theater is very flexible. We feature dimable overhead can lights, wall sconces, a beautiful central chandelier, programable theater lights, cafe string lights and up-lighting*. We use these lights to help establish a mood for the room. A brighter combination of lighting would be ideal for a workshop or expo, where a more dim set up would lend the right feel for a party or reception. Your NGT manager will help you set up the perfect look. * Up-Lighting is a rentable add on.

How accessible is the space for someone in a wheelchair?

Because much of our building was remodeled in 2016 and 2017, we had to create the space up to accessibility codes... meaning that the public spaces are accessible for someone in a wheelchair. All doorways are wide enough. There are no steps to get into the front entrance. The bathrooms are all ADA compliant. The seating at the North Garden Theater is not attached to the floor - this makes accomodating wheelchairs an easy task. Our bar has a lower section for wheelchair access. If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact us.

What are the floors made of? Can you dance on them?

Our floors are sealed concrete with sparkles! We have had many a dance party right on our concrete floor and no one has objected. We can rent a dance floor if that is something you require.

What is the sound like in the Main Hall?

Sound in the North Garden Theater has been described as lively. When you're in there by yourself or with very few people, there is a short echo or liveliness to the sound made in the space. It is well suited for live vocal performances. Aplified sound has to be balanced correctly to sound great at the North Garden Theater. We suggest boosting the high ends and reducing the low end of the sound to optimize the quality. Very loud bass is discouraged and external bass amplifiers are not allowed without prior consent. For the safety of our patrons and to be nice to our neighbors, we do limit the level of sound in the space to 100 db.

Can I attach decorations to the walls?

Not by tape, tacks, pins, or sticky things. There are spots in the Main Hall like railings, rafters, and catwalks that allow for decorations to be tied to or draped upon. We can also provide easels to use to attach your decorations or signage to.