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Great Wedding Photo Ops Near the North Garden Theater!

There's nothing like a great set of memorable wedding photos to commemorate your special day! Many of our couples ask about locations near the North Garden Theater that might provide a scenic backdrop. Here are some ideas:

1. Clutch Brewing at The Keg and Case Clutch Brewing can be found on the mezzanine level of the new Keg and Case. They have beautiful tufted, velvety couches and swanky sitting areas that are just asking for a bride and/or a groom to be lounging on them. The Keg and Case is probably filled with great photo ops!

2. Upper Landing Park (Under the High Bridge) This scenic locale only 1.3 miles away has green spaces, the Mississippi River, and the majestic St. Paul High Bridge.

3. Irvine Park. This quaint park is 1.6 miles away and nestled in a quiet, shady, residential neighborhood in a historic district just west of downtown Saint Paul. The Park features include a gazebo and an ornate fountain that serves as the park's centerpiece.

4. Summit Overlook Park About 1.7 miles away, the Summit Overlook (named for its position overlooking Ramsey Street) is a beautiful triangular-shaped park and is home to a statue of America's icon known as the New York Eagle.

5. Large Green Chair Climb up and take a seat in this green over sized Adirondack chair just 1.1 miles away. Located at the North High Bridge Park and built in 1995, the first chair that rested at this site sat at the Walker Art Center before coming to High Bridge Park as a publicity piece for the Green Chair Project. The Green Chair Project employs inner city youth over the summer through constructing and marketing regular-sized green Adirondack lawn chairs. The present chair replaced the original in 2002, when weathering destroyed the original. It weighs 2,500 pounds.

6. Crosby Farm Park About 4.5 miles away, Crosby Farm Regional Park is named after Thomas Crosby, an English immigrant who staked out 160 acres in the valley southwest of the present-day junction of Shepard Road and Interstate 35E in 1858. Before Crosby's death in 1886, the farm became one of the largest and longest running in the West End and Highland Park area. A succession of families farmed it between 1902 and 1962. The Saint Paul Port Authority purchased the land in the early 1960s and leased it to the City for park use.

7. Linwood Community Rec Center Just 1.1 miles away, this nearby Recreational Center has some prime spots for photos. Make sure to check out the bluffs!

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