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Disability Parking Drop Off Location

The North Garden Theater shares a nearby parking lot with the St. Francis Church, but it is about two blocks away from our entrance. Our guests who use a wheelchair or walker often ask if we have disability parking. Because our parking lot is where it is and because the parking lot is owned by the church, our short answer to this question is no. The block that the North Garden Theater is on also does not have a dedicated disability parking spot or zone. We do however, have advice about where to be dropped off so you can more easily make the transition from street level to sidewalk level.

If you are facing the North Garden Theater, there is a curb cutout on the corner to the right (pictured below with a red arrow pointing to it). This is the corner of Toronto Street and West 7th (or the John A. Johnson Memorial Highway). It is to the right of the Barber Shop (our neighbor) on the North West corner of the intersection.

Once you get to the front doors of the North Garden Theater, our facility's entrance, bathrooms, audience seating, and bar are totally ADA compliant. We hope you find this advice helpful!



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