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Three Tips for Planning Your Event at the North Garden Theater

We've helped plan SO many events and so many different kinds of events at the North Garden Theater and as you might imagine, we've learned a few things along the way. This list is by no means exhaustive, but any small nugget of wisdom might help you succeed in pulling off the planning period and event of your dreams!

(This list assumes that you've already chosen the North Garden Theater for your event!)

Keep it Simple. At the core of most events (parties, weddings, anniversaries) the goal is to connect with the people who are in attendance. Connection is facilitated by social gathering, eating and drinking together, and sometimes dancing together. These things can be easy and what your guests will remember. Ask yourself - are the additional layers you are piling on helping to facilitate this connection or are you just making more work for yourself? Do your guests NEED a bag of party favors? Will two hundred balloons make everyone's time together more meaningful? Keep your decorations to a minimum! The North Garden Theater was designed to be beautiful and elegant without the need of ordering boxes of trinkets, decor, balloons and banners. Focus on your guest's experience! Make memories!

  • Bring in delicious quality food with one of our preferred caterers.

  • Allow time for guests to mingle, chat, catch up, and connect.

  • Take advantage of our projection capabilities and make a slide show of photo memories to feature

  • Use one of our Photo Backdrops to encourage capturing the fun of the night.

  • Hop on a microphone and provide a warm welcome to your guests. Thank them for coming, thank anyone who deserves an extra mention, and encourage them to have a great time (eat, drink, dance)!

Smart Scheduling is Everything. We've found that most people have about three to four hours of quality partying in them. We've seen too many over ambitious party schedules where everyone is exhausted or leaves early. Your start time is just as important as your end time. Generally speaking, the best events focus on a shorter quality 4 hour experience (6:30pm to 10:30pm) rather than a longer sprawling 7+ hour party (5pm to 11pm). Your guests will appreciate a well planned efficient and concentrated experience. End the party with more of your guests on a high vs just a few of your guests who are tired. This is a little different when it comes to a ceremony + dinner + reception - but still, you can keep the schedule tight!

Consider one or two memorable Special Features. It could be food or entertainment or a special photo booth. Be creative! Circling back to providing a quality and memorable experience... invite fewer guests and make it AMAZING for them. Here are some ideas...

  • Spend a little more on a memorable and unique dining / food experience.

  • A theme might help you focus your efforts and provide your guests with a fun opportunity to dress up

  • A light up dance floor always impresses. See image above.

  • Consider hiring a musician (guitar, piano, vocals, etc...) for light background music during mingling time and dinner.

  • Buy some selfie sticks to encourage memorable small group photos / videos

  • Nail that first impression when your guests walk in... Hire a professional host that can greet guests at the door and provide you with a "voice" for your event.

  • Create a unique photo hashtag for your event and utilize our Live Hashtag Wall

  • Rent some beautiful comfy couches and set up a few "lounge" areas

  • Do some internet research and find something memorable and unique. Make sure you read reviews, ask for referrals, ask a few other people if THEY think it's a good idea.

  • You don't have to have a huge budget to impress your guests and make memories. Get creative, ask around for ideas, and put yourself in your guest's shoes. What do YOU appreciate and what do you remember when you go to an event?

Don't forget to run your idea by the staff at the North Garden Theater. We're here to help you pull it off! Remember however, to READ your contract so you know what is / isn't allowed. The big takeaways here are to keep it SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, and make it MEMORABLE!



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