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Want to Dance at the NGT? DJ, Live Band, or Spotify?

Dancing has long been a staple of ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. The infectious beat and rhythms call out to you to move your body, let go of your inhibitions, work up a sweat, and dance to the music (cue Sly and the Family Stone)!

The North Garden Theater does not have a traditional wood dance floor, but we assure you, this has never stopped our guests from shaking their booties, getting up on that thing, or dropping it like it was hot!

Pro-Tip: We DO have connections for a "lighted" dance floor. It's totally lit. Literally. Check out our vendor's page for more info.

A good dance experience at a party has two basic elements - music and lights! Lights for dancing can be as simple as dimming the house lights - because, when you're letting it loose, you don't really want to be in full lighting, right? The darkness is like a mask you wear that hides the delicate flower that you are and allows that inner groove machine to start crankin'! But, we don't stop there. The North Garden Theater is outfitted with an array of party lights that dress up the darkness. For no additional charge we can add the following to your dance floor:

  • Color Changing Sound Activated LED Light Bars

  • 4 in 1 Dance Light featuring Lasers, Patterns, Strobe, and Washes

  • 18" Mirror Ball with two pin-spots

  • Wall Lasers!

This makes for a pretty alive feeling dance floor! Now, sometimes a DJ or band will bring their own lighting gear. We can either let them do their thing or combine forces for an all out visual assault on your eyeballs!

Then there's the music! Usually delivered through our in-house sound system via a live band, a DJ, or a streaming music service (usually Spotify or Google Music). No matter what method you use to deliver the tunes, what's important is that you and your guests have fun and enjoy the experience! You (hopefully) know your people and the kind of music they want.

DJs and live bands are the standard for most of events and celebrations. Each can give you a certain amount of interactivity and act almost as an MC for your event - helping to make announcements and encouraging guests to get out there and dance. But bands and DJs can also come at a hefty price which may or may not be worth it to you.

We've seen a growing trend where event planners are opting to bypass a DJ or band in favor of a playlist! This option gives you total control over the songs. Spotify even has a feature where you can cross-fade your playlist's tracks so you don't have the 5 seconds of no-music as it transitions from one song to the next.

PRO-TIP: You'll find this setting in Spotify by clicking on the down arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner, then settings, then "show advanced settings," then under the Playback section, activate the crossfade feature and choose how long. We recommend 10 seconds!

Spotify does cost $9.99 a month, but you if you don't already have a paid account, you can get a low cost trial and then cancel at any time. AND... you can even control your playlist FROM YOUR PHONE! The future is here... and at the North Garden Theater!



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