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When Should We Cut the Cake? And other such questions...

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

We often get asked about the timing of various happenings when it comes to your wedding and reception at the North Garden Theater. The one constant across most of our wedding/reception rentals is when things start and when things end. Our standard contract allows for ten hours and most couples opt for a 2pm start and a midnight finish. For this blog post, we've adapted an article from that we liked. Remember, these ideas are just ONE way you could do it out of a million! Feel free to adapt these ideas to make them your own.

However, it bugged me that the article was written for brides and grooms, when there are so many weddings where the labels "bride" and "groom" don't necessarily fit. So I wrote a Groom and Groom version, a Bride and Bride version, and a non-gender-label version as well. Please read one or all. Thanks!



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