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Zero Waste + Compostables at the NGT!

The North Garden Theater just turned two years old! Happy Anniversary to us! There are many tent poles that hold up our commitment to great customer service. One of them is providing the best service to one of our greatest vendors - the Earth! From the very beginning we've tried to be excellent stewards of the environment:

  • Several elements from our space's rebuild and many of our fixtures were reclaimed or purchased second hand.

  • Except for our re purposed theatrical light fixtures, we use LED lightbulbs throughout our building.

  • And we've used compostable cups at our bar. With our concrete floors, we didn't want to use glassware, but we also didn't want the waste and bummer feels that came along with plastic and styrofoam. So we decided to go with compostable bio-plastic that is essentially made with corn.

A few months ago, the North Garden Theater learned about an AMAZING local resource called BizRecycling. BizRecycling is a free program to help businesses in Ramsey and Washington Counties (in Minnesota) recycle better. The program pays for independent Recycling Experts to consult with businesses to find ways to increase recycling and reduce waste. These Recycling Experts have experience working with a wide variety of business types, and are well-versed in business recycling options.

Basically, you work with these really nice people who help you frame your ideas on how to create less waste, recycle more, and in our case, start a compost program. If you qualify, THEY GIVE YOU MONEY TO DO THIS! They gave us extra bins, carts for the bins to make it easier, helped us purchase new kinds of compostable supplies, and even paid for some of our compost pick-up service. The grant application was very straight forward and their staff is incredibly helpful. If you have a workplace in Ramsey or Washington Counties - I would highly recommend contacting BizRecycling to see how you can be a smart part of creating less waste.



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