What do I get with my wedding / reception space rental?

So much! (This answer is as of Juary 2021. Remember items and services on this list are subject to change.) With your wedding / reception rental you get the following:

  • Your custom message on our illuminated marquee (great photo opportunity).
  • The use of our exterior poster boxes - one on each side. Poster boxes hold up to a 2' wide by 3' tall poster.
  • Bar service - including bartenders.
  • Venue Floor Manager and/or Security Staff Member (depends on guest count)
  • Three public bathrooms.
  • Up to 170 chairs.
  • Up to 20 six foot rectangle banquet tables.
  • Up to 4 eight foot rectangle banquet tables.
  • Up to 8 two feet wide high-top round tables.
  • Black table coverings for guest and catering tables. Other colors available for a fee.
  • Access to our "backstage" dressing room including mirrors, countertops, personal cubbies, garment rack, and bathroom. Second "get ready room" also available.
  • Customized lighting including our chandelier, wall sconces, overhead house lights, cafe (string) lights, theatrical lights, up-lighting, and dance floor party lights.
  • Sound system with speakers, microphones (1 wireless, 2 corded), iPad control, and 18 channels of stage level inputs.
  • Customized background music.
  • Media / projection capabilities for presentations, slide shows, movies, still or moving images, logo, or customized message.
  • Catering prep kitchen.
  • Up to 5 gHz Wi-fi access.
  • A one hour planning meeting. Planning meeting time may only be used for advance planning and may not be scheduled within two weeks of your wedding/reception rental date.

Do you have a preferred caterer or vendor list?

Yes. However, chosing from this list is not manditory. We allow vendors and caterers outside of this list to work at the North Garden Theater as long as they are licensed (if appropriate) and carry their own insurance. The caterers and vendors on our list were chosen for their excellent product and service. Here is a link to our preferred caterer and vendor list.

Is there a catering sur charge or fee?

No... not from the North Garden Theater. You will work with and directly pay the caterers of your choosing.

I have a question about your bar.

Please see our Bar FAQ.

What time can I arrive?

Our rental periods last for (up to) nine consecutive hours. It is up to you when you would like to start your 9 hours. Most wedding rental periods go from 3pm to 12am. How you use your time is up to you. Here is a suggested timeline for a wedding and reception with a 3:00 pm arrival and a 12am departure: 3:00: Wedding party arrival at the North Garden Theater 3:00 - 4:00 Space Set up and Ceremony Walk through (if needed) 4:00 - 5:00 Wedding party gets ready on site / Guests arrive 5:00 - 5:30: Ceremony 5:30 - 6:15: Happy Hour / Caterers set out food 6:15 - 7:15 Toasts and Dinner 7:15 - 7:30 Cut and serve cake / Clear dance floor 7:30 - 7:45: First Dances 7:45 - 11:00: Dance / Celebrate (10:30 last call at the bar) 11:00 - 12:00: Clean up and out by midnight

Can I have more time in the space before/after? Day before/after?

Additional consecutive "day of" hours can be added to the front end of your rental for $150/hour. Day before time (for setup) or day after time (for clean up) can be added if a) there is nothing else booked at the NGT, b) if it's within a month of your rental date, and c) if we have the staff available to facilitate the rental. Daily operations at the NGT cease at midnight - no exceptions.

Do you allow real candles?

Yes. Candles should be in a glass container so when the wax melts it doesn't spill out onto the table linens.

How can I check if my date is available.

Please check our calendar.

How many guests can the NGT accomodate / seat?

Our fire code capacity is 250. This number includes everyone who is at the North Garden Theater including guests, bridesmaids, ushers, DJs, caterers, bartenders, wedding planners... everyone! We can not leagally / safely have more than 250 people inside our venue at any one time. So take 250 minus the number of vendor and support staff you anticipate being there. That would (including the bride(s) and groom(s)) be how many guests we could accomodate. If you're wondering how many guests we can SEAT at tables - that is another question with another answer. The answer is 200. However, we only have 175 chairs, so seating 200 requires renting 25 more chairs.

Are there different rates throughout the year for peak / off peak times?

No. We offer the same great rates all year round.

Who cleans up afterward

NGT Staff takes care of cleaning up tables, chairs, and floors. The renter is responsible for cleaning up and removing the items / decor they brought in. This includes but is not limited to removing any decorations, and rented items. Additional next day clean up time (schedule and staff permiting) can be rented at $150/hour. Renters DO NOT have to sweep, mop, stack chairs, or fold tables.

How do pay for my rental?

We will ask for half of the rental fee at the time you sign your contract. We prefer a check, but you can also pay the online invoice with a credit card. The balance and any extras will be due a month prior to your rental date. We also accept cash payments. You can also pay the entire amount of the fee at the time you sign your contract if you wish.

Can I bring in a cake from a bakery?

Cakes may be brought into the North Garden Theater from a licensed vendor. We do not provide cake-cutting, but some caterers can offer this service. We do not provide plates, forks, napkins, or serving utensils for cake. These items must be provided by you, your bakery, or approved caterer cutting the cake.

Can we have a DJ or a band and dancing?

Yes to all of that! We ask that DJs and bands provide their own sound equipment and comply with our "Amplified Music Agreement." DJs should also provide dance / party lights if possible. You may provide/rent your own raised dance floor if you wish. Read this blog post we wrote about DJs and DJ alternatives.

How does parking work?

The North Garden Theater shares a nearby parking lot - about a block and a half away. We are allowed 50 parking places. To park in the lot, a parker must have a voucher or receipt proof that they paid for a parking spot. Parking can be purchased for $2 a spot from our website at You as the renter can pre-purchase the 50 spots and deseminate the parking vouchers via one of three methods: 1. We can send you a PDF of the parking voucher and you can figure out how to get them into the hands of your guests. Remember, we are limited to 50 spots. Please do not hand out more than 50 vouchers. 2. We can set up a special password protected page on our website that will allow your guests to print up the voucher themselves and place it in their own dashboards. Please do not invite more than 50 guests to use this method. 3. You can have a volunteer posted at the entry way of the parking lot to hand out vouchers to your guests. We can also provide this person for a fee of $50. More information can be found on our parking page.

Are there transportation services available?

If you are interested in providing valet or limo service for your guests, we can suggest a valet company. If you are interested in a shuttle from a nearby hotel, the Hampton Inn and Suites provides free shuttle service to and from the North Garden Theater - however, you must reserve this service.

Are there any outdoor spaces available at the NGT?

While there are many picturesque and beautiful spots close by or within walking distance, the North Garden Theater does not have any outdoor spaces other than the sidewalk in front of our building. Check out our blog for some ideas on nearby picture spots!

Do you allow animals on site?

Yes. Service animals or important life animals are welcome as long as they are behaving themselves and do not pose a threat to the safety of guests. Please advise NGT staff if animals will be present for any time during the rental.

Can we visit the North Garden Theater again for a planning meeting after we've signed our contract and before our wedding/reception?

A one-hour planning meeting at the North Garden Theater is included at no additional charge for Wedding/Reception rentals. Additional half hour planning meetings can be arranged as needed for a fee ($25/half hour). Planning meeting time may only be used for advance planning and may not be scheduled within two weeks of your wedding/reception rental date.