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  • Can I bring in my own beer, wine, or liquor?"
    No. Beverages purchased outside of the North Garden Theater are not allowed to be brought in. Our St. Paul liquor license does not allow for it.
  • How much do drinks cost?
    Coffe, Sodas and Juices are $2, Beers range from $5 to $6, Wine is $6 or $7, Mixed Drinks range from $7 to $9. Prices are subject to change.
  • Is there water available?
    Usually when the bar is in operation, we set up a self-serve water station at the bar. If you need water service at your tables, you'll have to work with your caterer. We also have a drinking fountain located near the bathrooms.
  • Am I able to customize the bar selections? How does that work?
    Yes! If you want to venture outside of the regular offerings of the NGT Bar, we will work with you to source and provide your choice(s) of soft drinks, beer, wine, and/or liquor. We have relationships set up with many beer/wine/liquor distributors and can source just about anything. Here's how it works - you pay our wholesale prices to bring in what you need. We source it, buy it, and bring it in. Then it's sold at the bar at regular prices or prices in line with the cost of the customized selection. If there are left over (unopened) cans or bottles at the end of the night - they go home with you. We can not send you home with partial bottles, cans, or a partial keg. The initial cost of bringing in the customized beverage does not apply toward your drink minimum - think of this cost as the fee you pay to customize the drink menu. At other venues, you would be asked to pay a stocking or corkage fee to bring in and pour a customized selection. In lieu of this we just charge our normal prices per drink even though you have paid for the customized beer / wine / liquor, etc. This way, essentially, we collect a fee per drink without you (the renter) having to pay an additional stocking or corkage fee.
  • Can I create a specialty or custom cocktail?
    Absolutely! You can bring us your ideas or we can help you create a specialty cocktail that is relevant to your event. If we already stock the ingredients, there would be no additional costs. If the drink requires us to bring in something we don't normally stock, there would be a cost to cover the custom ingredients.
  • Is there food or snacks available at the bar?
    Yes! We sell a variety of candy along with popcorn. We don't ALWAYS have popcorn. If you would like popcorn at your event, please let us know. We can also order food and pizzas from local area restaurants. For more extensive food needs, you would work with a caterer.
  • Are bartenders included in the rental price?
    Yes! We will have one or two bartenders and sometimes a bar back depending on the size of the crowd.
  • Can another bar be set up or a wine or beer station?
    Additional staffed mobile bars can be set up. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • Does the North Garden Theater use plastic cups or glassware?
    Typically, we use compostable plastic cups. Our soft drinks, beer, and highball mixed drinks use a 12 ounce cup. Our lowball drinks, shots, and wine use a 9 ounce cup. Glass glasses and stemware can be used at the bar but must be arranged through a rental company or caterer.
  • I'd like to do a Champagne toast. Is that possible?
    Absolutely. Just let us know if you have a preference on brand and/or taste and how many bottles you need and we'll provide a custom pice quote. We do not have glass champagne flutes - those would need to be supplied or rented from a rental company or provided by a caterer. We DO have compostable champagne flutes for an additional charge. Our liquor license does not allow us to release bottles out of the bar.
  • Hosted bar vs. Cash bar vs. Drink Tickets
    A hosted bar is when the party renting the space pays for a portion of the bar tab, allowing their guests to drink for free at the bar. A cash bar is when the bar is operating normally and guests pay for their own drinks. The North Garden Theater bar is very flexible when it comes to arranging a hosted bar or using drink tickets. You can host the bar for a pre-set amount of time or up to an agreed upon (pre-tax) dollar amount. You can also limit the hosted bar to categories of beverages like "beer and wine only" or "soft drinks only." Drink tickets are another great way to give your guests a free drink or drinks. You have to decide what beverage categories will be included with your drink ticket. Will they cover all beverages or just certain categories like beer and wine? At the beginning of the night, we will ask you to put a credit card on hold with the bar. We will collect the drink tickets at the bar and keep a running tab of the actual costs. At the end of the night, we will present you with the total cost and process your payment at the bar. Guests can open tab at the North Garden Theater bar by leaving their credit/debit card with the bartender. If a guest leaves before picking up their credit card, the staff will close out the tab and process the payment with a service fee of 15%. A hosted bar tab will have an automatic 15% service fee added on to the total. Hosted bar sales and/or drink ticket sales DO apply to your drink minimum if applicable.
  • How does tipping work at the bar?
    We usually have a tip jar or two on the bar for cash tips. You can also easily add a tip to a credit card transaction. Your tips are appreciated! Most people usually tip a dollar per drink. If you are hosting the bar and do not want the tip jars out, we charge a minimum 15% service fee on all bar sales. You are always welcome to add more if our stellar service calls for it! Guests can open tab at the North Garden Theater bar by leaving their credit/debit card with the bartender. If a guest leaves before picking up their credit card, the staff will close out the tab and process the payment with a service fee of 15%. A hosted bar tab will have an automatic 15% service fee added on to the total.
  • How can I pay the bar for a drink? What are my payment options?
    We accept cash, major credit cards, and smart phone/watch payments. We do not accept checks on the spot - only as advance payemnt.
  • What do you serve at the North Garden Theater Bar
    Our bar selection is dynamic and can change based on season and availability. Usually we have... Four beers on tap: a domestic light, a lager or ale, an IPA, and a darker option. A selection of white wines and a selection of red wines A selection of spirts including vodka, gin, run, whiskey, tequila, schnaaps, and more A selection of juices (usually cranberry, orange, and pineapple A selection of sodas incluiding a cola, a diet cola, a lemon-lime soda, gingerale, ginger beer, lemonade, and soda water A hard apple cider and spiked seltzer type caned beverage Coffee and tea
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