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Why Choose the North Garden Theater?

A great space rental experience is made of innovative ideas, abundant amenities, helpful services, quick and concise communication, and friendly and empathetic customer service. My wife (Tina) and I have honed our ability to deliver on these concepts through years of entrepreneurship, retail service, event planning, and theatrical production. The event package we offer is continually growing and adapting to meet and exceed our renter's expectations... and it all starts with...


I am the person on the other side of the e-mails, the chats, the texts, and the phone calls. When you call the North Garden Theater, my cell phone rings and in most circumstances, I pick it up. I do my best to communicate quickly and thoroughly no matter what the avenue of communication might be.

The Tour

I love giving tours of the North Garden Theater. Especially for Weddings and Receptions! We worked SO hard on the space (and continue to do so) and we're very proud of what we've created. Tour anecdotes include:

  • The building's 102 year old history

  • The process of getting our licenses

  • The reclaimed bricks and wood planks

  • The items we found when we were renovating

And of course, it's fun to get to know our renters' stories. What are your hopes and dreams when it comes to creating the perfect event?

The Space

People are always surprised when they walk into the North Garden Theater - in a good way! I've heard that our pictures do not do the space justice. (Which is hopefully a problem we'll address soon.) Visually speaking, we created a beautiful and functional space that provides a sleek, neutral backdrop to just about any event while highlighting the building's unique and historical architectural elements.

Lights, Media, and Sound

A theater is a place to allow feelings... to establish a mood. This is accomplished with lighting, visuals, and sound. There are layers of lights - all programmable and controllable at the North Garden Theater. We have our overhead house lights, our wall sconces, our cafe string lights, our theater lights, our grand chandelier, and our mobile up-lighting. These lighting elements come together to help set the emotional tone of the room. When it comes to sound, it's not hard to fill the room with an appropriate amount of music. From background tunes to thumpin' beats, our sound system is easily adaptable to suit the needs of each renter. A powerful projector is hung from the rafters to facilitate media presentations, slide shows, movies, projected logos, and interactive walls.

The Amenities

You get a lot at the North Garden Theater! Tables, chairs, table linens, three bathrooms, dressing room with backstage bathroom, WiFi, bar service, catering prep kitchen, theater lights, sound, microphones, mic stands, media projector, coat racks, stage, podium, music stand, *marquee, sound and light technician, *lot parking, *up-lighting. (* = additional fee)

The Cost

We are told time after time that our prices are very affordable and that renters appreciate our transparency when it comes to our rates. All of our pricing and our contracts can be found on our website. We will probably raise our prices in 2019 to be more in line with industry standards, but for now we are happy to provide a lot at a competitive and affordable price!

The Staff

The North Garden Theater is run by its owners... me (Ryan) and my wife (Tina). Oftentimes, you will find our son lending a hand as well. Years of entrepreneurial wisdom, combined with experience in retail management, theatrical production, event development, and live entertainment means that we know what it takes to make your experience (and your guest's experiences) a positive and memorable one.

What Are People Saying?

Our reviews speak volumes to the kind of experience you can expect at the North Garden Theater. We hope you'll consider booking our venue for your event! Just give us a call (651-321-4769) or send us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.

"We rented the North Garden Theater for a fundraiser in the summer of 2017, and could not have been happier! The owners, Ryan and Tina North, were gracious and accommodating. We highly recommend this venue!"

"Quaint, modern, rustic venue with excellent service! Beautiful!"

"What an impressive venue! Open, airy feel and awesome architectural detail. Management is open and accommodating."

"The space is absolutely gorgeous!"

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