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Coping with Covid-19

What a week we're having!!! Covid-19 sucks. It's out there and it's making us all feel anxious! It's hijacked our sense of normal - but really, what is normal? Life is full of challenges. Where this one will fall in the grand scheme of life's challenges is yet to be seen. I know many of us have faced much worse and lived to tell the tale. We will get through this together. We will persist and fight and care for each other. In the meantime, life does go on and we figure out ways to prevent and mitigate the worst of what this pandemic will throw at us.

During this time of uncertainty, the North Garden Theater is allowing renters to work with the staff of the NGT to reschedule their contracted events without rescheduling fees. The rescheduled event must take place within a year from the initial scheduled date.

For those events that chose to continue with their regularly scheduled programming... the staff of the North Garden Theater is doing what they can to take proactive steps so that renters and guests feel safe. Here is some of the steps we are taking:

  • Sanitation of high touch points (rails, doors, sinks, toilets, bar edge, drinking fountains, light switches) before and several times during event

  • Hand sanitizer available at venue entrance and at bar

  • Bartenders are using latex gloves

  • Taping bathroom light switches on

  • Self serve water stations are shelved for now. Water is available at the bar.

  • Providing a event floor laptop so guests who have chosen to stay home (or who have to stay home) can watch the event remotely and leave interactive messages via Facebook Live (or other similar platform).

  • Plenty of toilet paper!!!

We are here for you (just like we always are) and are committed to move forward with healthy diligence, persistent scrutiny of our health and safety practices, and compassionate customer service. If you're reading this... we sincerely hope you and your loved ones stay healthy and happy! See you soon!



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